Friday, January 15, 2016

Zeitgeist Unbridled

                                                                                        January 2016

Zeitgeist Unbridled


Nashville Bound




from the back of beyond he came,

inexplicable faith fusing with oblivious ignorance,  

innocent eyes belying a voracious mind --

he faced the gauntlet


charisma held in reserve,

ambiguity & eloquence in abeyance,

embellishments too were set aside --

until such time Source gave leave

 a singular fate, beyond comprehension,

his boots presaged wanderlust,

maneuvered in and out of heartbreak --

to another side, love did stray


searchlights crisscrossed igniting discovery,

skeins of insight, conception,

zeal & ardor fostered epic creation --

 freedom's chimes proclaimed mythical glory


Concordia's striking tresses & heartfelt bounty

charmed & granted generosity,

throughout, competition ran riot --

 distinction & renown were within reach


overcome, amid vying interests & demands,

 too much too soon, for just like a socialite,

 desired by kings, another slipped into his room --

destined to deliver a troika of sons


time stampeded, headlong & hell bent,

visionaries converged, events collided,

 transformed, good & evil aligned --

his time had come


lyrics expounded philosophy & ethics,

propelled by ambition, recognition beckoned

altruism required no sufficed --

a rally for peace kindled universal consciousness




audacity amidst nefarious company,

without connection, the road welcomed his path

incandescent with plangent desolation --

he set cats among  pigeons


amped, flagrant with abandon & rebellion

exuberance & passion channeled his views,

imagination inhabited songs unique unto himself --

anthems redeemed the conscience of a generation


in a league of his own, extended & beleaguered,

treading the tail of the tiger, toying with ruination

captivating, unexplored hypnotic provinces evolved --

a commanding double masterpiece reigned supreme


accolades & eminence persuasively inflamed

in an ever intensifying array of distilled essence

mandates of art provoked flirtation with the abyss --

fated his epitaph...never to be, the good die young


mountains, source of power & mystery,

signified sanctuary from a defiant, perilous past,

until claiming his next of kin --

death insisted on intimacy


austere,  resigned, sorrowful

enveloped in domestic patterns, embracing lore,

his spirit resurrected events of centuries past --

mirroring undisturbed rhythms of all there is


summoned, captivated by any day now, another waited,

seeking, unaware release was in the moment, 

offering idealism & solace, startled by romanticism --

a beautifully crafted Skyline, seductive & inviting... proved irresistible.

Queen of Swords


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